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When I was born,
I slept in my mother’s hands…
There wasn’t a bed for us,
Someone had bombed our lands…

When I was growing up,
I did not go to a school…
They’d set the building on fire,
I was educated without the rule…

When I became an adult,
I did not have a job…
The war had left nothing in the country,
Except a helpless angry mob…

When I grew old,
I had nothing to my name…
Only bullets to count and knives to shine,
I did not even have anyone to blame…

When I breathed my last,
I lay with the other bodies curled...
Heard my soul scream at me,
At last there’s peace in the world.
- Ashay Abbhi

Declare World Peace

One syllable, five letters, containing so much grace.
You’d think each single soul would find it easy to embrace.
Whispered in the darkness by those who live in fear.
Shouted from the mountaintops for everyone to hear.

Elusive as the wind that blows it often slips away.
Leaving in its shadow, pain and sorrow in the fray.
Let us join together as we call for war to cease.
Let us all agree to all declare we want world peace.

In every corner of the world in every language known.
Speak the words of peace in every country, every zone.
Add your voice until we drown the noise of hate and war.
Until the sound of peace becomes a loud and thunderous roar.
- Samia Arroyo

I Declare World Peace Lotus Flowers and IDWP & WPIP signs on Fence in Venice, CA

For all who’ve shed the tears of grief and felt the sting of war.
For all whose eyes have seen the horror of the blood and gore.
For every mother’s worst nightmare, let everybody stand.
And form a link for peace across each ocean, sea and land.
Only those who fight a war can bring about its end.
And speak of peace so angry hearts can all begin to mend.
No one wins when war prevails and so let’s join as one.
And not give up until the tranquil sound of peace is done.
- Samia Arroyo

♥ I Declare World Peace ♥


I gaze through the clouds of smoke
his wails pierce the noises around..
And I reach, descend upon him
he’s now a tiny body on the ground..

I see them destroy her savagely
her tender heart filled with despair..
I touch her as she calls my name
it is now a silence hung in the air..

Another one cries from behind me
I turn as he falls in a pool of red..
I kneel beside his cold still body
I am finally here, I said..

He fought valiantly for it
but the final betrayal is what he chose..
They said he would live only for it
but he kisses me as he goes..

She hides behind a wall
her baby close as they wait..
Their distinct cries beckon me
I reach just a bit too late..

As unspoken prayers are etched in the air
screaming silences begin to cease..
I came in war and now look around
the whole world rests in peace.
- Ashay Abbhi


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