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The I Declare World Project encourages and warmly embraces all well-intentioned pro-peace endeavors - whether they be active, passive, theoretical, academic, mainstream or cutting edge. Each effort and intention flowing toward peace will increase the speed at which peace is achieved. We recognize that different projects will resonate with different people, and so we list an eclectic array of programs, to which we will periodically add links to even more pro-peace projects, programs and missions from around the globe. Let us know if you are aware of a program that belongs here.

Africa Youth for Peace and Development Aotearoa New Zealand Peace and Conflict Studies Centre Trust Benjamin B. Ferencz Canadian Department of Peace Initiative (CDPI) Carnegie Endowment for International Peace Charter for Compassion Coalition for Peace Action Codepink - Women for Peace Crisis Management Initiative Dalai Lama World Peace Dance 4 Peace Drew A. Katz Foundation FOR - Fellowship of Reconciliation Global Open Peace Initiative Hands Of Peace Imagine Peace International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons International Peace Foundation NPI-Africa Pakistan Peace Daily Peace Through Compassion Peacebuilding Initiative Peace Boat Peace Corps Peace Education in Action, Canadian Centres for Teaching Peace PeaceJam Peace One Day Projects for Peace Seeds Of Peace Stockholm Global Peace Research Institute Swiss Peace The Greater Tacoma Peace Prize The Peres Center for Peace The World Peace Prayer Society The Worlds Children Peace Monument (WCPM) TM World Peace United Nation's Peace Building Commission United States Institute of Peace University For Peace Veterans for Peace Women For Women International Women Waging Peace Network World Peace Before 2021 World Peace Flame Foundation World Peace One World Peace Society of Australia

I Declare World Peace, Inc., does not accept donations, but recognizes that many of the peace organizations listed on this web site do. Before donating to any organization, please verify its bona fides. I Declare World Peace, Inc., has provided these links as a convenience and, while it embraces the well-intentioned efforts of everyone striving for peace, makes no endorsements.


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