Peace limericks

Roses are Red and other short poetic expressions:

For happiness without any surcease
Despite the vast problems in Greece,
Russia, China, Japan
and Afghanistan
Please tweet I Declare World Peace
I'm always Declaring World Peace
I'm sure that I never will cease
Muslim, Christian or Jew
It's the right thing to do
It's a great way for Peace to increase.
- Lewis Gould
There once was a man named Maurice
Who tweeted I Declare World Peace
He tweeted his mother,
His father and brother
His cousin and also his niece.
There once was an artist from Rome
Who studied the Vatican dome
She sketched without cease
Said I Declare World Peace
Then packed her easel and went home.
There once was a man with a lease
And a neighbor who just wouldn't cease
To tap with his feet
And insist that he tweet
Daily, I Declare World Peace.
Come the day when all turmoil will cease
No army, no war, no police
We'll send out a dove
With a message of love
Hereby Declaring Word Peace
- Lewis Gould
I constantly Dream of World Peace
Hoping so much for Peace, please
I declare and declare
without much fanfare
in fact, it is really a breeze.
World Peace is what I declare
A notion about which I care
It's noble to say it
and righteous to pray it
World Peace is what I declare
- Lewis Gould
Post I Declare World Peace on your wall And tell each of your friends, one and all That peace can be real It's not such a deal Just another big thing that starts small. 
There once was a man quite obese
He knew that he had to decrease
His rather large size
By foregoing his pies, and
tweeting I Declare World Peace.
World Peace I want to Declare
So wish we were already there
I tweet and I tweet
World Peace will be sweet
Much better than chocolate éclair.
- Rita Gelber
The world will emerge from despair
And peace will pervade everywhere
When all fighting has ceased
And our goal has been be reached
For “World Peace” that’s what we declare
- Lewis Gould
We all will shout loudly for peace.
We long for the fighting to cease.
We will work day by day,
Until it is this way.
Else soon we will all be deceased.
- Cherokee Doerflinger
Dream of Peace. Be Peace. Live Peace. Declare World Peace.
Love will stop the wars of hate,
and Life's seed will germinate.
We will share our song and verse
with the whole wide universe.
-Ted Getzel
A boy watched a movie called Grease
And another about chieftan Cochise
He got bored with the flicks
But was too young for chicks
So he tweeted I Declare World Peace.
Though Jason was searching for fleece
In the area surrounding Greece
In more modern times
Lawrence was searching for rhymes
To go with I Declare World Peace.
With silver in backwardation
Blythe near capitulation
What short declaration
Will bring Humanity salvation
Please participate in the I Declare World Peace compilation
- Stephen Irsik
Life aglow
the will to be
let your Light
set darkness free.
- Ted Getzel
Leaves softly rustle.
The Fall breeze speaks Peace to me.
I Declare World Peace.
- Anne G. Woodhead
World Peace seems an unobtainable dream,
But could work well with this little scheme,
If wherever you go
And to whomever you know
Say ‘fight’ for World Peace and ‘win’ esteem.
- Karina Hayklan
♥ I Declare World Peace ♥


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