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The I Declare World Peace project seeks to raise global peace consciousness through the dissemination of the affirmation "I Declare World Peace". Toward that end, we appear on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest, among other social media sites. We also periodically enter into cross-promotional efforts with other like-minded initiatives, and issue press releases when we do so, posted on our “Press and Media” page on this site.

We also promote our project in the real world in various ways. Offering quality products with stylized versions of our trademarked logo is yet another way to plant the affirmation in the consciousness of humanity, and it helps us offset some of the costs we incur. We do not accept donations of any kind.

We will also donate at least 10% of our profits, if any, to various charitable enterprises, particularly those that support women, combat bullying and promote kindness.

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Please join us in the global effort to raise peace consciousness, by wearing, using and displaying these beautifully designed products. Help make the phrase “I Declare World Peace” the universal slogan for every peace, equality and justice promoting endeavor on the planet. Or get one of the shirts or mugs just because they are beautiful and fun. We are periodically adding more, different artwork to both stores. We are grateful for your support. Follow us on social media – we follow back on Twitter and Instagram. THANK YOU VERY MUCH. #IDWP

IDWP - logo products on Teespring. All items come in various colors. For the store and the numerous color choices offered, please click anywhere on this large products image:
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IDWP I Declare World Peace logo.Please post and tweet the affirmation "I Declare World Peace" on your favorite social media site from time to time. Every time you see the tweet “I Declare World Peace”, or our hashtag “#IDWP”, please retweet (RT) it. It will soon become like popcorn popping all over the world.

We also encourage everyone to make an I Declare World Peace video. Examples to guide you are here: IDWP videos.

Please visit www.facebook.com/declarepeace and "Like" the page. Share with your friends. If you would like to promote this web site, please do so. We are happy to provide a free link to your appropriate, lawful business or entity on our Wall of Support page.

It requires no reciprocity. Just send us a message on our Facebook page and provide your URL; we will do the rest. Help us create the largest art installation in the history of the world, installed, for the first time ever, in the consciousness of humanity. Help us demonstrate the power of collective intention.

Please come back from time to time. The official I Declare World Peace hashtag is #IDWP

Above, our trademarked logo for non-commercial, display purposes only, to download: IDWP Display Logo.